Annals of Pediatric Cardiology
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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Mahesh K Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Sushil Kabra Pediatrics
Dr. I Kalev Molecular Pathology
Dr. Suhas Kallapur Neonatology
Dr. Prakash Kamath Electrophysiology
Dr. Milind Kamble Pediatrics
Dr. Lauren Kane Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. BRJ Kannan Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Tom Karl ped card surgery
Dr. Dilip Karnad Internal Medicine
Dr. Chandrasekar Kartha Pathology
Dr. Ganesan Karthikeyan Cardiology
Dr. S Kaushal Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. P Kerkar Cardiology
Dr. Prafulla Kerkar Cardiology
Dr. Sachin Khambadkone Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Vijay Kher Nephrology
Dr. Vijay Kher Nephrology
Dr. Rohan Khera Cardiology
Dr. A Khositseth ped cardiology
Dr. Ashok Khurana Echocardiography
Dr. Krishnamoorthy KM Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. W Knirsch Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. B Kogon Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Utkarsh Kohli Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Vikas Kohli Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Oleksandr Kondrachuk Radiology
Dr. Sivakumar Kothandam Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Shyamsunder Kothari General
Dr. Brijesh Kottayil Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. T Krasemann Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. R Krishna Kumar Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. R Krishna Kumar Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Dr Krishnamanohar Cardiac Surgery
Dr. R Krishnamurthy Radiology
Dr. Prasad Krishnan Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Usha Krishnan Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. P Krogstad Pediatrics
Dr. Snehal Kulkarni Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Gaurav Kumar Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. R.Suresh Kumar Cardiology
Dr. Rohit Kumar Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Shine Kumar Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. C Kunavarapu Cardiology